Monday, August 10, 2009

Coworking Adventure Begins

So after about a year of passively absorbing information on coworking and thinking about how the hell I should go about doing it here, I ran across a low-budget operation 2 train stops away that simply calls itself "OfficeShare". It's a one room apartment in an old-ass buidling and they can fit 7 people in there. There's A/C, a fridge, a one-burner stove and high-speed internet. For 100 bucks a month you get a desk and 24/7 access.
The guys I met are web designers and they seem very cool. Low key and down to earth and they've been doing this for about 2 years. Pretty avant garde for modern Japan, but I the idea of cooperative working itself is not new. Think of medieval guilds and co-op farming etc.
So even though I already have a pass to the pay-library (cleaner and right downtown), I am pretty sure I will fork out the dough to meet some new people and learn the ropes of coworking. Then we'll see if I can't mold the concept to fit Japanese tastes and make a business out of this.

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