Monday, January 18, 2010

Rare Creature Spotted 絶滅危惧種発見

Today on my way to work I got the rare opportunity to photograph the elusive beer vending machine in the wild. When I first came to Japan 10 years ago, they were everywhere but they seem to be endangered these days. Now you are lucky if you can find one or two in front of the local bottle shop (That is where I found these).

"Live Beer" vendor (Mistranslation of draft beer). My first sighting of such a creature.
The beer machine. This one has cans and bottles ranging in sizes from 180 ml to 3l.

A rare find! This one even has a fifth of whiskey for sale

Now to prepare my article for Nature


  1. I'm surprised to hear that beer vending machines have become extremely rare in Japan. Is there a law limiting them these days? Saw your reflection on the machine and I recognise that hat!

  2. There must be something because there are not many around anymore. You also need to get special ID card to buy smokes from vending machines now.

    Not like the good ole days in Kyoto circa 98-99